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  • “Productivity Growth, Wage Growth, and Unions", 2018, with Alice Kügler and Ragnhild Schreiner. In: In: "Price and Wage-Setting in Advanced Economies", European Central Bank Conference Proceedings, 2018..

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                       Selected Media coverage: New York Times

                       Presentation, ECB Forum, Sintra, June 2018

  • "Who Benefits from Universal Child Care? Estimating Marginal Returns to Early Child Care Attendance", 2017, with Thomas Cornelissen, Christian Dustmann and Anna Raute. Journal of Political Economy, 126, 2356-2409.

              Presented at invited sessions at the EALE/SOLE in Montreal and the EEA in Mannheim.

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                       Selected Media Coverage: FAZ (4.3.2014; edotrial), Suddeutsche Zeitung (4.3.2014), Stuttgarter Zeitung

                                                                  (6.3.2014), Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (4.3.2014), Wirtschaftwoche

                                                                  Research was cited by German Democratic Party in leaflet.                                                              

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                       Online Appendix

                       Online Appendix

                       Companion Appendix


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                          Link to Harvard Business Review arrticle, written by my co-author Alexandra Spitz-Oener

                          Reprinted in: Explaining Germany's exceptional recovery: A new eBook, Vox eBook.

                         Selected Media Coverage: Spiegel online (2.4.2014), Die Welt (3.2.2014),  FT blogs (4.2.2014), BBC News                                                                           (13.2.2014), Alternatives Economiques (6.3.2014), Der Bund (26.5.2014), Die Welt

                                                                     (29.6.2014), Panorama (8.2.2018)

                         Selected Media Coverage: Zeit online 

                         Online Appendix

                         Selected Media Coverage: Handelsblatt (29.10.2007), Spiegel online (19.7.2008), N24 (19.7.2008, reprinted in

                                                                     e.g. Suddeutsche Zeitung, Financial Times, Welt online)

                         Online Appendix (includes findings for Mathematics test scores).

                         Media Coverage: Daily Mail

                        Online Appendix (compares inequality trends in the German Socio-Economic Panel and the IAB Employment



                           Selected Media Coverage: Financial Times Deutschland (28.6.2007), wiisen.de (28.6.2007), Handelsblatt

                                                                            (29.7.2007), Stuttgarter Zeitung (29.1.2007), Focus online (29.6.2007), Frankfurter

                                                                            Rundschau (25.9.2007)